Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Funding Status

The following tables represent the NGVIP funding status as of September 12, 2018 02:39 pm PDT. The totals provided are provisional and may change.

Incentive Reservation Processing

This table shows the status of incentive reservation processing. The totals reflect applications received but not yet confirmed.

Confirmed Incentive Status

This table shows the status of incentive funds for confirmed applications. The totals will be zero until reservations are confirmed to applicants.

Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Confirmed Applicants

The following table lists the names of entities who have been approved for NGVIP incentives at each incentive level.

Applicantup to 8500 GVWR 8500-16000 GVWR16001-26000 GVWR26000-33000 GVWROver 33001 GVWRTotal Incentives (#)Total Incentives ($)
600 Tower Road Operations, LLC000011$25,000
Airport Parking Services Inc. dba SkyPark040004$24,000
American Reclamation Inc.0201912$257,000
American Textile Maintenance Co.001001$11,000
Arakelian Enterprises Inc.00003030$750,000
Atlas Disposal Industries, LLC000033$75,000
Bimbo Bakeries USA00300030$330,000
Burrtec Waste & Recycling Services, LLC00001010$250,000
Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc.00002020$500,000
Calmet Services Inc00001515$375,000
City of Indio000011$25,000
City of Long Beach, California01540120$159,000
City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation00001414$350,000
City Rent-A-Bin000011$25,000
Commercial Waste Services010034$81,000
County of Sacramento05012430$650,000
County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County00001111$275,000
CR&R Incorporated00003030$750,000
E.J. Harrison and Sons Rentals000033$75,000
EDCO Disposal Corporation00012425$620,000
Empire Transportation060006$36,000
Escondido Disposal, Inc.000055$125,000
Fueling and Service Technologies Inc002002$22,000
GreenWaste of Palo Alto000099$225,000
GreenWaste Recovery, Inc.000044$100,000
Haul-Away Rubbish Service Co., Inc.000033$75,000
MV Transportation Inc.02000020$120,000
Napa Recycling and Waste Services, LLC000011$25,000
Orange Avenue Disposal Inc. Dba Industrial Waste and Salvage000011$25,000
Palm Springs Disposal Services000011$25,000
PetPass (PPMG-California, LLC)040004$24,000
Preferred Paving Company, Inc000022$50,000
Professional Parking035008$73,000
RB Towing, LLC002002$22,000
Republic Services Leasing Company, LLC00003030$750,000
Ryder Truck Rental, Inc.00003030$750,000
S.E.G Trucking000055$125,000
Tayman Industries000055$125,000
The City of Santa Monica41821530$279,000
Tri-CED Community Recycling000077$175,000
Turlock Scavenger Co000022$50,000
United Pacific Waste and Recycling Services000055$125,000
University of California San Diego010001$6,000
Ware Disposal, Inc.000055$125,000
Totals (#)479464320453$9,064,000
Totals ($)$4,000$474,000$506,000$80,000$8,000,000$9,064,000$9,064,000

Funding Status Summary

The NGVIP Administrator is now accepting reservation applications. See the application manual for details.

Incentive Reservation Processing
Available for New Reservations$0
Waitlist (est)$6,313,000
Confirmed Incentive Status
Total Funding$21,803,000
Available for New Reservations$0

Additional details and definitions available on the funding status page

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