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 September 14, 2018:   We are hosting a briefing on September 14th, 2018 to update invited industry stakeholders on the status and performance of the NGVIP. Presentation materials for this briefing can be found on the NGVIP statistics page.

 June 15, 2018:   Over the past week our website has been experiencing a few issues that resulted in the available funding being shown incorrectly (as of the date of this post), we have a waitlist in excess of $6M. These issues should now be resolved.

 August 01, 2017:   We are currently working through a large set of claims received at the end of July and hope to have the initial processing completed soon so we can update claimants accordingly. We have updated the estimated funding available to reflect expired claims whose funding will be recycled back into the program, though these amounts are estimates only and are subject to change. As we finalize our claim and expiration processing, we will being clearing the existing waitlist.

As always, please contact us if you need clarification.

 February 09, 2017:   To clear up some confusion regarding the additional funding added to the NGVIP, we want to note that the 30 vehicle cap mentioned in the application manual at the start of the project on August 07, 2015, is still in place. Therefore, the total number of vehicle incentives any entity may receive under the project since that start date is still 30. Any applications received that exceed this cap will be rejected.

As always, please contact us if you need clarification.

 January 23, 2017:   At the end of December, the Energy Commission added an additional $11,616,000 in funding on top of the original $10,187,000. This brings the total amount of funding available for incentives since the inception of the project to $21,803,000. Refer to the funding status summary to see how much of this total is available for new reservations.

At this time, all applicants that were on the waitlist at the end of December 2016 have been contacted regarding their applications. Contact us if you submitted an ARF-1 during 2016 and have not received a response to your application.

We will continue to accept ARF-1 applications for reservations until all available incentive funding has been paid out.

 September 11, 2015:   We have processed all applications received to date and sent emails to the contact person listed on each ARF-1 form indicating whether the application was confirmed for a reservation or placed on the wait list.

Contact us If you have received an acknowledgement that your application was received but have not yet received a response regarding indicating whether your application was confirmed or waitlisted.

 September 08, 2015:   The administrative delays we were experiencing have been resolved and we are now processing applications for approval. All applicants to date should receive a response via email by the end of the week.

 August 31, 2015:   The administrative issues that are delaying our response to applicants are nearly resolved. Unless something changes, we will begin contacting applicants later this week. We appreciate the continued patience of all applicants.

 August 21, 2015:   We are still dealing with administrative delays to finalizing application processing and cannot yet confirm any reservation applications. We anticipate this delay will be resolved next week. At that point we will begin responding to applicants in the order they were received. We will continue to update you as conditions warrant.

 August 13, 2015:   To date we have received approximately 65 ARF-1 applications for 705 vehicle incentives totaling $14,298,000. Today we sent emails to the contact person listed on the ARF-1 form to acknowledge that we received your ARF-1 application. If you sent in an application that you believe should have been received but have not received a confirmation email, please contact us as soon as possible.

Once we confirm reservations up to the maximum funding available we begin placing ARF-1 applications on a waitlist for processing if reservations are canceled or expire. Expect to receive a response to your ARF-1 application within two weeks of the date we received your application, which is given in your acknowledgement email.

 August 06, 2015:   For those Applicants requiring a contact for overnight delivery, please use the following contact and phone number:

Craig Rindt, PhD
NGVIP Project Manager

 August 05, 2015:   We have had some reports of the auto-calculating feature in the ARF-1 form not working properly. Specifically, that the computed total in the # Veh column is incorrect. We have provided a fix for this issue and have updated the ARF-1 form on the application page. We have also provided a blank version of the ARF-1 form without the auto-calculating feature for Applicants who want to print and fill out by hand. Note that we will still accept any applications sent in using the originally published version of the ARF-1 form. When processing your application we will ensure that the totals are correct.

 August 03, 2015:   In response to questions received, we have updated the NGVIP mailing address to allow for in-person or overnight delivery services as follows (note the third line):

NGVIP Administrator
Institute of Transportation Studies
4000 Anteater Instructional and Research Building (AIRB)
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3600

This is reflected in the updated application manual and in the frequently asked questions. If you plan to make an in-person (non-courier) delivery, please make an appointment by contacting to ensure staff is available to receive your application.

 July 31, 2015:  The NGVIP start date has been set to August 07, 2015. Changes to the draft application manual have been finalized following the Solicitation Workshop on held on July 08, 2015. Please review the changes to the application manual and application forms.   Also, see the  FAQ  for answers to questions received.

Funding Status Summary

The NGVIP Administrator is now accepting reservation applications. See the application manual for details.

Incentive Reservation Processing
Available for New Reservations$0
Waitlist (est)$6,313,000
Confirmed Incentive Status
Total Funding$21,803,000
Available for New Reservations$0

Additional details and definitions available on the funding status page

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